Scroll down for information on upcoming workshops and an international retreat in May 2019!  Below is also a small sampling of the kind of events I have curated and contributed to in the past.  If you would like to collaborate on a wellness event, retreat or workshop for your own tribe or workplace email me here. Joy(n) me sharing the wisdom of Ayurveda!

Learning Ayurveda

Learning Ayurveda

March 23rd, The A-Life, North Carlton, 1pm

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Day Living

Ayurveda is known as the sister science to yoga, thought to be more than 5000 years old. “Vedas” are the ancients texts – the earliest written texts on yogic activities that shape our teachings and practices that are still so relevant to apply to our modern lives today.

Come and learn about ayurveda and how to establish daily routines & self care practices to align you to your true nature.

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Ayurveda for Everyday

Achieve optimal health + balance with ayurveda

Pachamama Wholefoods, April 11, 7-9pm

Viewing food as our medicine, Ayurveda offers knowledge on how best to eat for our individual needs, and outlines principles for how to keep our digestive fire, known as agni, burning brightly. With plenty of research now coming to light about how integral gut health is to our entire well-being, especially mental health, now more than ever it’s important to know how best to nourish ourselves - starting with what we are putting into our bodies for fuel.of

Event includes a light vegan supper cooked using ayurveda principles.

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Conscious Yoga + Ayurveda Wellness Retreat

May 24th-31st, 2019, Sideman, Bali, Indonesia

Set in the lush tropical landscape of Nirarta Centre for Living Awareness, Sideman, Bali. The 8-day, 7-night program will offer daily yoga and meditation with an emphasis on more gentle styles of yoga such as restorative and Yoga Nidra, nature walks, an ayurvedic treatment, most meals, a group excursion, and workshops to deepen your understanding of how to thrive within the different circumstances life presents. And of course, plenty of time to relax and explore!

Registration info here. Places from $1995

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Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living

$25pp no meal provided OR

$45pp w vegan supper

Ancient texts describe a number of ways to maintain balance within as the variables of life change around us. Now, more than ever as we rush around in our ever-demanding lives we need to take time out to slow down, nurture, live with the rhythms of nature and nourish ourselves.

This workshop will discuss simple routines for self-care, nutrition and health to maintain balance.

Interested in hosting this from your space?

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Balance + Transform Retreats

A weekend immersive retreat offering yoga and meditation classes, hands on cooking practicals, therapeutic treatments and Introduction to Ayurveda workshops. Suurounded by lush nature, nutritious food and like-minded people, its an opportunity to reconnect with self and seek a greater understanding of how your body works, how to keep it in balance and why it gets sick.

Country Victoria.

Here are some testimonials from previous "Transformees":

The entire weekend was beautiful and relaxing. It was a great introduction into Ayurveda.
This retreat met all of my expectations and exceeded them. I can’t speak highly enough of the venue, the three generous teachers and the caring, sharing participants.
It was luxurious. We ate GREAT food. The flow of down time, yoga and workshops was perfect.

Understanding your dosha

Looking at the body, mind and spirit through the lens of Ayurveda allows us to understand our bodies better, what makes them tick, and what makes them sick. This workshop is geared to help participants understand their unique attributes (prakruti) and how to maintain balance in busy, modern day life through healthy habits, breathing exercises, food and yoga.

Enquire here to book this session for your next group wellness event.



With our modern, busy lives, and fast-paced-fast-food existence, we can spend a great deal of our day erring on the side of mindLESS rather than mindFULL. This workshop allows participants to slow down and come back to center. The aim is to leave the workshop a little more awake, with eyes wide open at the impact our lifestyles and diet can impact on our health.

Sound like a great idea to share with your group? Enquire here.

National Ayurveda Conference 2017

Invited to be assistant co-ordinator of the first national scientific Ayurveda Conference held in Melbourne 2017 was a great honour and lifelong friendships and working relationships have been forged for me. If you are interested in attending the next event to learn about Ayurveda Phytochemistry, connect with others studying and working in the field, and be inspired by expert presenters qualified in both Ayurveda and other wellness professions follow this link for the Sydney conference, April 2019.